Discover Secret Bodyweight Exercises And Workouts That Are Guaranteed To Add Explosive Muscular Strength, Melt Unwanted Stomach Fat And Drastically Increase Your Flexibility…And What’s The BEST Part?

You Can Do These Workouts and MASSIVELY Enhance Your Fitness Anytime, Anywhere — No Equipment Necessary!

You can make serious progress and have serious fun without:

Dragging your butt to the gym.
Dull and repetitive exercise selections.
The inherent risk of injury that accompanies the usual high volume bodyweight programs.

Why not try this instead?:

Increased energy
Improved pain-free range of motion
Peace of mind from knowing that you’re working towards your exact and personal goals
Fat loss
Greater strength
Muscle gain
General athleticism
Fun-to-learn bodyweight exercises
Results in only 28 days!

What can YOU expect from Bodyweight Exercise Revolution?

Discover the #1 most important factor for long-term fitness success:
Learn exactly how to structure your training for maximum fat loss:
Steal the programs that we charge private clients big money to design:
Save yourself from the biggest reason that most home workout programs fail:
Discover the secret techniques that allow our clients to actually look and feel younger with continued training:
Learn EXACTLY how much and how little to train:
Discover key that unlocks the perfect intensity level for all your training sessions:
Learn how to train less for better results:
Discover how you can become “one of those people who picks up sports quickly”:
Stop getting scammed by the fitness industry:

The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution eBook gives you 5 separate programs for the price of one. You get all this:

The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution E-book
Over 165 pages – jam-packed with explanations and instruction
Color photos with detailed descriptions for each exercise variation
5 step-by-step 28-day programs
20 weeks of distinct programming (representing months or even years of variations on exercise level and intensity)
A follow-along instructional video that covers the joint health and mobility portion of the program (downloadable mp4)
A follow-along instructional video of the flexibility cool down portion of the program (downloadable mp4)
The 28-day Fat Loss program
The 28-day Muscle Gain program
The 28-day Strength Building program
The 28-day Longevity program
The 28-day General Athleticism program

Plus the following bonus material:

Follow-along videos of ALL the circuits and sessions.
A Bonus chapter on how to integrate other CST training programs into 4×7 periodization.
Ongoing support from both Ryan and Adam through the help desk. You can log in to ask questions about the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution program, and we’ll make sure you get the answers you need.
Access to all future updates of this title.

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