Who Else Wants To Be A Better Chocolate Cook?

Discover The 135 Delicious Chocolate Desserts From The Culinary Queens Of 100 Years Ago. Includes Recipes From Fannie Farmer And Other Well-known Dessert Experts Of The Last Century.

If you’re a true dessert lover, this recipe book is for you. There are recipes for puddings, fudges, cakes, pies, ice creams, sauces, soufflés, and maybe even a couple of dessert dishes you haven’t heard of. Love caramels? They’re here. Profiteroles? Éclairs? You’ll find them, too.

These tasty old-style after dinner concoctions are from a time when ‘home-made’ was the norm and ‘store bought’ was thought to be cheating. With this recipe book, your most challenging decision will be which recipe for marble cake you’ll make today.

With 135 unique recipes, you could prepare two different old-time desserts every single week for well over a year, or a ‘new’ dessert every week for more than 2 years!

You Will Also Receive Bonus Report: What Our Medical Community Says About The Health Benefits Of Chocolate.

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